Maysea Technology Ltd.

제조소 어셈블리, 제조소 캐스팅 上海 (Shanghai), China

Maysea Technology Ltd. 은(는) 에 위치하고 있는 上海, 上海 (Shanghai), China.


  • Die Casting Parts Alluminum Alloy and Zinc Alloy
  • Investment Casting (Wax) Parts ODM&OEM
  • Metal Stamping & Fabrication..All types of Metals
  • Cold forging
  • Assembly & Manufacture
  • Plastic Injection & Rubber Parts
  • Plastic Injection Mold Design & Building
  • Sourcing and Procurement Services
  • Sales and consultant for China business


  • ISO 9001:2008
  • TS - 16949
  • PED 97/23/EC


  • Wax injection machine
  • Dewaxing kettle
  • Medium frequency furnace
  • Shell Machine
  • Sand Blasting Machine
  • Sand blasting machine 3 sets
  • High Pressure Sand Blasting
  • Hydraulic Press Machine
  • Hydraulic Press Machine(500t1200t2000t5000t)
  • Annealing Furnace Ø8000*2500
  • Hot chamber die casting 88T/160T/400T
  • Cold chamber die casting 160T/280T/400T/630T/900T/1600T
  • Turning/Milling/Drilling/Threading/Grinding CNC Machines
  • 3 axis & 4 axis Machining Centers
  • Spectralmeter/Strength Tester/SaltSprayTester/Hardness testing machine/CMM/Projector/Other Gauges
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Maysea Technology Ltd. Maysea Technology Ltd.
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  • #650471
  • 2012-08-24
Great quality. Great communication. Delivered few weeks behind schedule. Will definitely use again.
Martin K.
  • #650470
  • 2012-08-24
Great quality. Great communication. Delivered few weeks behind schedule. Will definitely use again.
Martin K.
  • #653821
  • 2012-08-18
We are new to and were very pleased with our experince working with VLWIN Machinery. Samples and production parts were all very high quality. Parting lines were hard to even find on the casting. They were very responsive to emails and delivered on schedule. The shipment to our US facilities was very well packed including crating. Impressive on all fronts. Kevin - Perfect Parts Co.
Fred V.
  • #646952
  • 2012-06-18
Very pleased with fabrication from VLWIN. Michael Noble was my contact. Michael kept me well informed during the process and was flexible in dealing with changes that became necessary to complete the project. I would definitely use VLWIN and Michael Noble again. James Burke
James B.
  • #645119
  • 2012-06-12
Kevin P.
  • #649020
  • 2012-04-19
VLWIN provided my company with quality, cost effective parts in a reasonable time frame. I will be proud to work with Michael again in the near future.
Brian S.
  • #642586
  • 2012-03-09
The parts arrived ahead of schedule, and all met tolerance. Care was taken in packaging, and shipping was quick. Michael at VLWIN was helpful, and always quick to respond with a phone call or email. I look forward to doing business again with VLWIN on upcoming projects. Thanks again! Patrick
Patrick A.
  • 上海, 上海 (Shanghai)
  • China 212000
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