Link-Access Inc
Link-Access Inc

custom precision machining,wire-mesh,pcbs,filter,injection mold

Company Profile:

Link-Access Inc. is a distributor of various industrial products including, Metal Wires, Wire Mesh, Precision Machined Parts and Electronic PC Board Assemblies, required by original equipment manufacturers in USA and Canada.

These products are sourced from reputed manufacturers in China, India and Taiwan. The products are of international quality and are offered at very competitive prices. The products that Link-Access offer are not just the products, it is the end result of an integration with quality, cost-effectiveness and best services.

Our global vision enables us to serve our customers effectively resulting in substantial cost savings for them. We realize the need for our customers to sustain the challenges of today's rapidly changing world and offer suitable solutions, by sourcing required products from countries like China, India ot Taiwan, where cost of production is lower.

We are skilled in handling custom-made products as well. From products design suggestion, identifying suitable manufacturer, sample production, to shipment, our professional team would always be your friendly and helpful partner.

Our goal is to link manufacturers in North America with suppliers in countries such as China, India and Taiwan where manufacturing costs are optimized. We provide access to products of high quality, with an affordable price structure and superior service. Above all, we are continuously working to learn and improve our services to source high quality custom industrial products.

Link-Access is headed by Dr. Sajjan Chandra who has 25 years of experience in manufacturing, marketing and sales of industrial products catering to the need of the international markets.

Custom Manufacturing Services


  • galvanilzed iron wire
  • Mesh Baskets
  • Copper wire
  • Phosphor Bronze Mesh
  • aero space parts
  • Suction Tube
  • Spacers
  • Wedge Parts
  • Brackets / Actuators / Adapters / Bushings / Washers / Formers
  • Nuts & Clamps
  • flanges
  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Laundry Machine Parts
  • fasteners and clamps
  • Glass clamp


  • Aeronautic Industry
  • Automobile
  • Consumer
  • washing & drying machine
  • fence mesh
  • Electronic & Electricial Industries
  • rail accessories
  • Capability with CNC Machines
  • fabrication & manufacturing
  • Casting and forging
  • precision parts machining
  • Stamping and injections parts.
  • Railing
  • bending & forming


  • CNC
  • Numerical Control Lathe Numerical Control Milling Machine Lathe
  • Stamping
  • Forging and CNC Machining
  • Stamping Equipment
  • Casting equipment
  • heading machine
  • CNC processing equipment
  • Automatic cutting machine
  • gear hobbing machine
  • auxiliary equipment
  • Lathe Machine
Overall Rating Averages    (Total Ratings Received: 36 , Unique Customers: 28)

Link-Access Inc Link-Access Inc
Reviews Project Rating Quality Responsiveness Delivery
  • #568576
  • 2016-09-15
Great to work with, fast service and great prices.
Troy T.
  • #711774
  • 2016-07-27
Randy S.
  • #762953
  • 2015-09-09
The vendor took 5 months to figure out he could not make these two wireforms. I ended up making these in-house.
Earl D.
  • #760690
  • 2015-05-18
Good quality, responsive, delivered on time
Jeremy P.
  • #750309
  • 2015-03-02
Pawel J.
  • #718775
  • 2014-08-11
Product received a little late -- but good quality and pricing. We would use them again.
Anita L.
  • #719740
  • 2014-08-06
CIndy H.
  • #721016
  • 2014-07-10
Good communication, finished product good quality, good pricing. Delivery a little later than expected, but overall, good supplier.
Anita L.
  • #722942
  • 2014-06-03
good supplier, we did not get to use him but everything was good
Ghassan A.
  • #709881
  • 2014-04-18
Supplier quoted parts, but could not manufacture them. P.O will be canceled.
Don R.
  • #701750
  • 2014-01-03
No parts delivered. Contract cancelled after award
Karl L.
  • #702015
  • 2014-01-03
No parts delivered. Contract cancelled after award
Karl L.
  • #697778
  • 2013-09-26
Excellent vendor with great customer service. Great value!
Travis G.
  • #697777
  • 2013-09-26
Excellent vendor with great customer service. Great value!
Travis G.
  • #652813
  • 2013-01-28
Link Access is able to deliver quality production parts and samples at great prices and in reasonable time frames
Dennis B.
  • #668960
  • 2012-12-12
parts could have been clean of chips, otherwise nice job, will work with again.
Dennis N.
  • #578286
  • 2012-08-30
We have done business multiple times and is always good
Peter N.
  • #614716
  • 2011-09-28
Parts turned out great. Good communication and easy to work with. Will do business with again.
Cullen M.
  • #614330
  • 2011-09-15
Product was delivered as specified. Customer service was responsive.
Mike M.
  • #614332
  • 2011-09-15
Product was delivered as specified after a couple go arounds. Customer service was responsive.
Mike M.
  • #604626
  • 2011-07-01
No product was delivered even long after deadline expired. Initial price was very attractive. I would not recommend doing business with this company.
Yegor S.
  • #606005
  • 2011-05-25
great service and parts
Luis L.
  • #566728
  • 2011-01-15
Thank you.
Antonio O.
  • #582238
  • 2010-12-14
Great Service
John W.
  • #585590
  • 2010-12-14
Great Service
John W.
  • #591069
  • 2010-12-14
Great Service
John W.
  • #566225
  • 2010-07-08
Great Service!
John W.
  • #516660
  • 2009-11-11
Good Company
Brian H.
  • #514599
  • 2009-11-11
Good Company
Brian H.
  • #501059
  • 2009-07-22
Parts were just as the blueprint specified. On time and they looked great.
Sam S.
  • #502082
  • 2009-05-12
Highly recommended!! Easy to deal with, local shipping and excellent product.
Ted C.
  • #473625
  • 2008-11-19
Out of 100 pcs, 4 had burrs on gear teeth; supplier did not charge for bad parts. Our PO requested 4 week delivery; delivery was 5 weeks, actually took 8 weeks.
Paul W.
  • #440978
  • 2008-09-05
Pretty responsive. But somehow, the whole thing did not work out for us. Had to abandon the project. If possible, would like to work with them again.
Raghavender V.
  • #451229
  • 2008-08-21
We canceled the order with this supplier when they changed their price after the order was placed. To their credit they did quickly return the tooling deposit we made. The prototype they did prior to the order being canceled was of high quality and delivered on time.
Mike M.
  • #447162
  • 2008-07-07
Excellent communication. Parts were on time.
Ryan W.
  • #433511
  • 2008-06-04
Very good vendor. Responds very quickly too your questions. Lead time is sometimes a little too long.
John H.
  • Nashua, New Hampshire
  • USA 03064
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