DeMeo Associates, LLC
DeMeo Associates, LLC

Tube Bender in Moultonborough, New Hampshire USA | Tube Bending

DeMeo Associates, LLC has been in business for 40 years. We started in design of fixturing to insure accurate bending of Tubing. We have decided to expand using the web. This led to custom fixturing and speciality set-up to bend and accurately repeat the manufacturing of complex shapes. We cater to our customers, special delivery, priority work, and specialized machining services.


We develop fixturing for bending Tubing to precise dimensions. Coils, various helix sizes, sizes from 0.020 OD tubing up to 3/8" od Stainless Steel tubing. Small quantities are our speciality! Mostly custom work to your designs.


 Mechanical Engineering services

Among other disciplines, we are experienced in developing a complete and coordinated solution to your design requirements. In this role, we offer the following services:

  • Prototype Parts 
  • Development of Design Drawings (conceptual, partial, phasing, complete when required)
  • Development of a solution Using Prototyped parts
  • Custom Fixturing to insure precise dimensional control
  • Low cost fixture Design
  • Low quantity requirements.

 Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional design and cost-effective solutions that meet our clients’ needs.


  • Bending Fixtures
  • mirror mounts
  • s/s tube lengths
  • wound coils of s/s tubing
  • Valve blocks for mounting valves in gas cabinets


  • Hardinge Tool room lathes
  • Clausing millers
  • Tube bending equipment
  • specialized cutoff machinery
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  • Moultonborough, New Hampshire
  • USA 03038
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