Best Fit Precision Parts
Best Fit Precision Parts

Metal Fabrication, CNC Machining, Die Casting, China, CNC Turning

Best Fit Precision parts Co.,Ltd is a fast growing contract manufacturing service provider for precision parts, with office in Shanghai and factories in JinHua, Kunshan and Shenzhen.

Founded by a group of purchasing, engineering and program management professionals with decades of experiences in global automotive and industries companies in China, we know exactly the what western customer’s needs and expectations, at the same time we can manage our own factories and supply chain efficiently.

As a result of globalization, western customers, especially small or medium sized ones, are facing increasingly fierce competitions. To stay competitive, global sourcing to low cost countries such as China will be the solution. As a medium or small size customers, you may be limited with resources and experiences. Best Fit Precision brings you value-added services that are keys to the success of your sourcing activities, and helps you focus on the end products and market without the hassles of differences in cultures or standards.

We have diversified program and quality engineers in both our office and factories,  we are able to apply our knowledge and experience and best practice from high volume Automotive OEM and lower volume machinery building to your project.

Our 3 facilities are specialized in high precision Die Casting and Tooling, CNC Machining, CNC turning, custom metal forming and fabrication, 3D laser cutting, welding and assembly within our facility, with all the high precision machines: with 4-axis/3-axis CNC machines, CNC turning machines, 3D laser cutting machines, bending and stamping machines

Our company also provides flexible manufacturing solution for customer that parts are plastic, stainless metal, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and bronze, which parts need to be polished, sand blasted, painted, plated, coated,

Many customers have benefitted from our ability to assist in designing a more efficient and cost effective product. This allows our customers to build the most effective product at the most affordable price, without having to compromise quality or lead time.

You may reach us anytime through phone calls or emails to discuss your contract manufacturing or sourcing needs.

Custom Manufacturing Services


  • Automotive Performance Parts
  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • electrical enclosures.
  • metal fabricating
  • CNC turn and mill parts
  • 3d laser cutting


  • automotive - motor market
  • Electrical & Audio Visual Parts
  • Racing components
  • Bicycle Accessories Manufacturer
  • marine & yachts investment casting pump & valve investment castings construction hardwares au


  • Die Casting - Aluminum / Zinc Alloy
  • CNC Turn Machining
  • Metal Fabricated Products
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  • Shanghai, 上海 (Shanghai)
  • China 200061
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