American Biosurgical
American Biosurgical

Electronics Manufacturing shop, Engineering & Design Services shop Georgia, USA, Design / Engineering Firm

ABI is a custom medical connector and cable development company specializing in surgical, patient monitoring, and diagnostics imaging cable assemblies.


We provide standard and custom turn-key solutions for global device manufacturers looking to outsource their high-reliability cabling needs.


From front-end design and materials selection to state-of-the-art manufacturing and supply chain efficiency, ABI offers a proven strategy that delivers a competitive solution without compromising on quality.


Our engineering services are located both domestic to the U.S. and within China. We pride ourselves on providing direct engineering support and prototyping capability within the U.S. for all of our local (U.S. and European) customer needs. This proven approach reduces the overall development complexity and allows ABI to become a strong partner with each and every one of our customers.


It is our desire to manage the product from inception to end-of-life and we will assist our customers with ongoing program needs and any derivatives which are required. The specific level of involvement is completely up to the customer.


As for rapid prototyping we can offer either the Dimension Elite with .007" ABS layers which is good for most proof of concept applications or if greater accuracy is required we can offer the Fortus 400 mc with ABS-m30, PC, and Ultem. The ABS & PC can print down to 0.005” layers and the Ultem is 0.013” layer thickness min.


We look forward to working with you!

Richard F. Roth

Director of Engineering

Custom Manufacturing Services


  • - Electrophysiology cables
  • - Patient monitoring cables
  • - SpO2 cables
  • - EEG/ECG cables
  • - Temperature sensing
  • NMT Cabling
  • - Bulkhead devices
  • - Hybrid connector design (pneumatic fluid electrical optical)
  • - Surgical cabling (reusable and disposable)
  • - 510K cabling
  • - Development and ideation
  • - RF ablation
  • - Pulse oximetry
  • - High temperature overmolding PEEK and LCP
  • - ROHS compliant


  • - ISO 9001:2008
  • - ISO 13485:2003
  • - FDA registered
  • - Wholly owned manufacturing facility in Shenzhen
  • - Delivery and storage solutions for risk mitigation
  • - Low cost products and timely delivery
  • - Extensive OEM customer portfolio
  • - Over 40000 sq ft of manufacturing floor space
  • - Over 30 thermoplastic injection molding machines
  • - Cable fabrication via 3 local Asian partners
  • - Onsite support as needed
  • - 800+ production operators
  • - 30 QC inspectors
  • - 15 engineers (process/design/manufacturing)
  • - Strong track record of ontime delivery and exceeding expectations


  • - Molding machines
  • - Multiplas injection
  • - Insulation resistance tester
  • - LCR tester
  • - Low resistance tester
  • - Uvishon Chambers
  • - Vulcanizing oven
  • - Silicone and rubber molding
  • - Plastic dryers
  • - Crimping machines
  • - Stripping machines
  • - Ultrasonic welding machine
  • - Laser welding machine
  • - Cirrus electrical testers
  • - Hi-pot test equipment

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  • Norcorss, Georgia
  • USA 30071
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