Yangzhou Shenlong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Spanende Bearbeitung Geschäft, Stanzen Geschäft 江苏 (Jiangsu), China, Hersteller

 We are a professional machinging and stamping factory from Yangzhou , East China, with more 120 staff and annual turn over USD 10 million. We also work with a professoinal aluminum extrsion factory in Yangzou.

Our major product lines are metal components ( including iron & steel, aluminum, brass machining parts, steel ,aluminum stamping parts and aluminum extrusion parts ).

We have ISO9001:2000" certificate and we are implanting TS16949 quality system. We can do process control jobs, and offer PPAP, and SPC as customer requires.

We work with around 20 strong machining and stamping factories of the above mentioned product lines from East China. By using the low costs manpower and raw material resources in China, our prices are very competitive, around 65-80% of the international market prices.

Our mission is to help our international customers reduce the purchasing costs by 20-40% with our high quality good price components from China, to increase our customer's profit level and market competitiveness significantly.

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Yangzhou Shenlong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Shenlong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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  • #622129
  • 2013-10-30
Good Supplier
Todd C.
  • #625873
  • 2011-10-10
Quality parts, good price, delivered on time. Excellent communication. Will use again.
Mike P.
  • #622338
  • 2011-08-30
Very good
Jamie G.
  • #612413
  • 2011-06-02
Great service. Communication was good. Delivery was good. Packaging was good. Parts came out within specification. Will use this supplier again on future products
Andy K.
  • #442282
  • 2008-10-09
Excellent quality.
George A.
  • #446135
  • 2008-10-09
Good quality. Will order again.
George A.
  • #438515
  • 2008-06-04
George A.
  • #435742
  • 2008-03-11
These parts were made very quickly for us and delivered on time. The quality of these was disappointingly low. Communication with the vendor is good and the problem will be corrected in future orders.
Ed R.
  • #435745
  • 2008-03-11
These parts are good and meet our specification.
Ed R.
  • Nanjing, 江苏 (Jiangsu)
  • China 210018
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