Wanbang Technology International Co.LTD
Wanbang Technology International Co.LTD

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Wanbang Technology International Co., Ltd (its former name-Wanbang Hardware Factory) was founded in 1999, specialized in hardware precision machining and trading service, Our production bases cover a total area about 5000 square meters, and we have more than 150 employees dedicating for wanbang best quality products. more than 10 of whom are engineers. We have import CNC machines equipment from Japan & Taiwan. Wanbang provides a full range of precision products including CNC precision parts, CNC lathed parts,Heat Sink,Stamped Parts, Die Cast etc.

Quality is always as well as our lifeline, and it has always been placed in our top priority, we have developed a sound quality control system and a strong technical teams with ample experiences. boast such advanced testing equipments as Coordinating Measuring Machine, Profile Projector, Micrometers, Hardness Tester and Surface Roughness Meter.

In 2005, we had successfully got ISO 9001:2000 & IS09000:2008 certification. We have been thoroughly implementing ISO standards in all aspects of our company operation. As an export-oriented manufacturer, we have established long-term business relationships with customers who come from USA, UK, Japan,Israel, Mid-East and South Korea. More than 90% of our products, mainly including diplexers, coupler, heat sink, sports apparatus and other customized component parts, have been made for export.

To expand foreign trade business, Wanbang Technology International Co. Ltd has been registered in Hongkong based on its full-grown workshops in Dongguan. With our strong technical teams and more than 10 years operation experience in hardware manufacturing industry, we will surely provide cost-efficient service for customers from home and abroad, and above all, we can ensure punctual supply of quality products.

We always strive to satisfy our customers by quality products,good service,competitive price and on-time delivery. To create a both benefits business are what we pursue with all our customers. You are welcomed to visit our factory and discuss on any potential cooperation project.

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  • 广东 (Guangdong)
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