Shijiazhuang Huifenghang Textiles Co.,Ltd
Shijiazhuang Huifenghang Textiles Co.,Ltd

Stoffe & Dekorative Elemente Geschäft, Fasern & Garn Geschäft 河北 (Hebei), China, Tuchfabrik

Shijiangzhuang Huifenghang Textiles Co.,Ltd is a specialized company that engaged in the slothing lining and the  bedding,has the independent self-management Imp & Exp. Power is situated in the Chinese biggest textiles base--Shijiazhuang,Hebei.

The variety has the purified cotton,the hemp cotton, the kapok,the denim, the color- woven fabric,the cotton knitted material,TNC, TC,NC,CN and so on. Every kind of clothing lining and extra widen blanching dyeing printing and every kind of high-quality bedding and the hotel products.

The company and the large-scales textiles printing enterprise cooperation have the higher new products exploration ability. Scrupulously follows the prestige first user to be satisfied. By the high quality product service, strict quality control, wins the market,wins the customer.

Die folgenden Lieferanten (Werkstätten, Hersteller, Auftragsfertigunger, Gießereien, Formenhersteller, Textilhersteller, etc.) stellen Fertigungsdienstleistungen bereit und sind Mitglieder der Für weitere Informationen besuchen Sie bitte

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  • Shijiangzhuang, 河北 (Hebei)
  • China 050071
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