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Established in 1980,Shanghai Hanrun National Heavy Machinery Corporation(hereinafter abbreviated as SHHMC) is a company specialized in the trading of complete plant and technology for construction projects at home and abroad.

With our experienced specialists in engineering and management, we obtain the trust from our clients by adhering to our Corporation philosophy of “Good Services” and “Good integrity”,By integrating industry with trade,technology with trade,and domestic trade with foreign trade,we aim at the sharing of domestic and foreign markets and the development of business with foreign countries. SHHMC works as turnkey projects and supply of complete mechanical and electrical plant,Besides,it handles the business of machines,apparatus,parts and components,metal products,raw materials and auxiliary materials,large castings and forgings,Moreover,the Corporation organizes joint ventures between domestic companies and foreign companies,joint manufacture,processing according to provided materials/drawings/samples,compensation trade,counter transit trade,export of services,tendering and equipment monitoring of construction projects. Meanwhile SHHMC is possessed of some manufacturers as well. They are able not only to produce pumps & valves but also to cast & forge & Roll/weld etc.

With our rich technical resources and good management,we have cooperated with hundreds of design institutes and manufacturers at home and abroad,to form a strong network for the supply of complete plants,Certification of Registration for Quality Assurance system ISO9001 was granted to the Corporation. We have contracted and accomplished in the United States,Europe,Japan, Southeast Asia.

Since a long time, We have well cooperated with General Motors of United states,IBC Vehicles Ltd. of UK,Nippon steel Corporation and Saraburi Cement Co.,Ltd Thailand etc. Flexible in modes of trade,we are ready for business with friends at home and abroad for the prosperity of the world economy.

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  • 2008-08-06
Excellent supplier to work with, will use them again
Alex C.
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  • 2007-10-09
Very good supplier to work with.
Douglas C.
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  • China 200127
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