NanXing M&E Engineering Ltd
NanXing M&E Engineering Ltd

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NanXing M&E Engineering Ltd is a company integrating industry and trade as a whole, our company is all in readiness serve equipment specifically cause on processing parts of enterprises, is adopt the standard manufacturing management pattern, is owns a batch of well experienced professional and technical personnel. The company always takes high and new technology as guiding since starting an undertaking, processing strengths for short axis medium and small-sized parts, can design and create various different size, the complicated but accurate parts of enterprises. Throughout the years, our company has been actively upgrading our productivity by introducing high technology. We have over 10 years of experience in products processing, our products sell well at home and abroad, won the trust of customers.


  • 宫野BNA-42S
  • 宫野BNC-42S

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NanXing M&E Engineering Ltd NanXing M&E Engineering Ltd
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