Mingyu machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd
Mingyu machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd

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Jiashan Mingyu Machinery Manufacturing Co, Ltd is established in 2008 and located in economic development zone Jiashan country, Zhejiang province where is convenient traffic. There is surrounding Shanghai-Hangzhou expressway, Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail and other vital line. Our company is mainly engaged in manufacturing and processing of precision components and our products involve the fields of oil, automobile, general machinery, LED etc.

Our products were made in strict accordance with TUV ISO9001:2008 quality control system. With a professional technical and management team, the designing, manufacturing and analysis means of CAD、CAM technology are widely applied to each process in manufacturing and machining. 

Our mainly machinery processing equipment: Vertical machining center and CNC lathe, universal milling machine, otherwise computer marking machine, transfer and unit machine, broaching machine, pressing machine, drilling machine, sawing machine. Totaling more than 40 sets

Meanwhile, we have a full set of testing equipment: Spectrometers, tension tester, HX-MIAS, a height gauge, an optical projector, an optical instrument to knife, a hardness testing machine, a Cleanness-degree detector, and universal measuring fixture, etc.

The main business of our products covers petroleum machinery, auto, general machinery, LED etc, and we have some professional casting and forging suppliers.

With the development of our business, we firmly believe that we must provide superior quality and reasonable price products for you around the world. We always try our best to satisfy your needs by offering first-class products. Flexible services prompt replies, ready samples and catalogues, and necessary logistical documents to ensure a smooth transaction are our job standards which finally make our customers satisfaction. Warmly welcome the friends all over the world to contact us.

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  • JiaShan, 浙江 (Zhejiang)
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