Guizhou remit force machinery manufacture Co., LTD
Guizhou remit force machinery manufacture Co., LTD

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The Guizhou Huili Machinery Manufacturing Ltd is located in XiaoMeng industry zone of XiaoHe National economic development zone of GuiYang , GuiZhou PRC, where traffic is convenient and environment is competitive

The employees of the company are the collection of the experienced and skillful labor from pervious military enterprise. In 1980 , we started the business of manufacturing spare for aluminum and rubber products manufacturing machine, Our products catalog exceeded more than one hundred and they were used to replace imported parts and saved foreign currency. So, we were recognized and praised by users and industry.

HuiLi Company competitive ability is based on precision machine and equipment, advanced technology, process and procedure, ability of self development and design to new product. Excitedly, we can produce spare for worn bed , mining machine and nonstandard spare. In 2011, our business extended to import and export trade of machinary and mold industry, Our ambition is to become the first-class company in the North American and Europe market.

Our employees work together under enterprise cultural which emphasize “unity in good faith, continual improvement, practical and realistic, sustainable development”. Our competing strategy is quality first, reasonable price, conformity to contract”, We provide high quality, low priced products and efficient and satisfactory service to our customer.

Satisfying customer various needs is the target that we persuading for ever, For this reason, we have established our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO9001:2008 Standards, we are committed to continual improvement and more efficient operation . .

Precision of our product can reach to ±0.005mm of mechanical process and ±0.02mm of producing from mold.

Introduce of equipment: numerical control lathe, engine lathe, band saw, drilling machine, machining center, wire cutting, electrical pulses and so on.

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Guizhou remit force machinery manufacture Co., LTD Guizhou remit force machinery manufacture Co., LTD
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  • 贵阳, 贵州 (Guizhou)
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