Dongguan Yong Chang Xing Plastic & Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd
Dongguan Yong Chang Xing Plastic & Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd

Montage Geschäft, Gießen Geschäft 广东 (Guangdong), China, Hersteller

Dongguan Yong Chang Xing Plastic & Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd ist ein Hersteller mit Sitz in Dongguan, 广东 (Guangdong), China.



  • Metal Machining Part
  • Die-casting
  • AUTO Parts


  • Electric/Electronic Manufacturing


  • Mikron High-speed CNC(42000 Cycles)
  • Jiatie High-speed CNC(24000 Cycles)
  • Plastic Injection Machine 550T
  • Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • 3-dimensional Coordinate Machine
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Dongguan Yong Chang Xing Plastic & Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd Dongguan Yong Chang Xing Plastic & Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd
Bewertungen Projekt-Rating Qualität Reaktionsfähigkeit Lieferung
  • #859173
  • 2016-03-31
Very good communication, fast delivery. Few minor quality issues found, however, we will use this supplier again, hoping they will prevent this next time
Vladimír B.
  • #815365
  • 2015-12-30
Cathy was great to work with - We will keep doing business with them in the future for these parts. BUT i wish they took PayPal payments instead of very expensive business wire transfers.
Aimen S.
  • #765352
  • 2015-08-15
Good quality. Fast production. Thank you
Patrick D.
  • #764491
  • 2015-08-10
This is the worst machining quality I've got so far from any supplier in China. Two other companies machined this part for me w/o problem. Not Dongguan Yong Chang Yin. the part was not machined to the specifications. Furthermore it has some non requested surface treatment to hide machining errors. Finally, It was delivered very late.
Roberto S.
  • #772464
  • 2015-07-21
We ordered 30 parts from this company for a project with urgent deadline. And they managed to machine and ship all the parts to us in a very short period of time. Their representative Amy was very helpful. She always responsed to my inquiry fast and professionally. We are going to ording more parts from them in the near future!
Joseph X.
  • #726729
  • 2015-02-20
Very good to work with.
Todd C.
  • #738316
  • 2014-12-30
Was not made to print.
Joe B.
  • #743955
  • 2014-12-10
Excellent supplier.... Pricing, Quality, Delivery .... all good. We will be using them again, highly recommend...
Anita L.
  • #729920
  • 2014-12-02
C'etait une bonne collaboration avec YCX
Mohamad K.
  • #734604
  • 2014-11-03
YCX is a great partner to work with, and we were pleased with the products and factory visit.
Edward B.
  • #738709
  • 2014-10-06
Good parts good communication. Hope to make more parts with you soon. Thank you.
Patrick D.
  • #731484
  • 2014-09-09
Excellent service and product. shipping was fast and ended up cheaper than expected. very honest and personable
Daniel C.
  • #733938
  • 2014-09-07
A verry nice factory with competent staff.still waiting for my first sample shot i have seen pictures of it and it looks realy good. on its way now. then we can start the real thing with a trusty factory.
Arne M.
  • #611074
  • 2012-12-18
Parts were dinged up upon receipt, needed slight repair
Chad W.
  • #622337
  • 2011-08-30
Very good
Jamie G.
  • #610296
  • 2011-05-11
fast, efficient and helpful; good quality products; good price.
Andrew M.
  • #610295
  • 2011-05-11
fast, efficient and helpful; good quality products; good price.
Andrew M.
  • #605627
  • 2011-04-19
Perfect - just what I wanted. Super quality & fast shipping. More options for money transfer would be the only thing needing improvement. Thanks!
Gary C.
  • #606246
  • 2011-04-12
Thanks for all the great work that you guys did for us. The parts turned out great and we were very happy with the product. Your customer service was great and it was a pleasure to work with Ketty, she made sure things got done. We are excited to work with you more and should have some more projects coming up soon that we can send you. Thanks
Shayne C.
  • #606245
  • 2011-04-12
Parts turned out good. Customer service was exceptional. They were so easy to work with and got our parts done way faster than expected. Shipping was as if it come from the same country, it only took a couple days. Their prices wont be beat, no one else came close. I will definitely be working with this company more.
Shayne C.
  • #606244
  • 2011-04-12
Great company. Very helpful and friendly. Speedy manufacturing and shipping. We experienced about a week turn around time with four first article parts, very impressive. We would definitely recommend this company.
Shayne C.
  • #606243
  • 2011-04-12
Very helpful and easy to work with. Great company and workers. Shipping and manufacturing were better than if we would have ordered them in the states. Very positive experience and we will be using them again for other projects.
Shayne C.
  • #606242
  • 2011-04-12
Great to work with. Responsive to all emails and very helpful. Manufacturing was very quick and shipping was even faster than expected. We will definitely be working more with Dongguan Yong Chang Xing Plastic & Hardware again.
Shayne C.
  • Dongguan, 广东 (Guangdong)
  • China 523866
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