Dongguan Fulin Machine Co., Ltd
Dongguan Fulin Machine Co., Ltd

Spanende Bearbeitung Geschäft, Reiben Geschäft 广东 (Guangdong), China, Hersteller

Dongguan Fulin Machine Co., Ltd ist ein Hersteller mit Sitz in Dongguan City, 广东 (Guangdong), China.


  • Precision Parts
  • Fixture


  • ISO 9001:2008


  • High speed CNC
  • high speed grinding machine
  • Wire Cutting Machine
  • Microscope
  • projector
  • CMM
  • Hard Alstonia Wood

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Dongguan Fulin Machine Co., Ltd Dongguan Fulin Machine Co., Ltd
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  • #677022
  • 2013-06-20
Top notch quality, service, and great communication. Will absolutely use them again for future projects.
Chris W.
  • #594342
  • 2012-05-16
Excellent !
John T.
  • #592877
  • 2011-02-25
Part was not made to the print provided. The o-ring groove was to be dove tailed and this was not done. There was chatter all in the grooves. The part also was to be engraved with particular number and instructions were emailed regarding this. Unfortunately the instructions were not followed and the wrong number was engraved on all the parts. Parts had scratches and dings in almost all the parts. We did have to scrap 6 parts out of a 35 piece lot because we just could not fix them. We had to rework them all when we received the parts. I tried contacting the vendor about possibly making some kind of price concessions for another order since we had paid in advance and new we would not get a credit for the rework we had to do. I was told by the vendor that they would only credit me for the 6 scrapped parts and only if I ordered 200 more of these parts. And one last thing we sent them a completed sample part that they should have used as the template to make these parts. It's clear they never looked at it and they also never returned the sample as we had asked. Suffice to say I am not happy and now I am currently looking for a new vendor.
John H.
  • #595882
  • 2011-01-08
Excellent company to work with. Communication was always prompt, and parts arrived early and turned out great. Will work with again in the future.
Chris W.
  • #584635
  • 2010-12-10
A real pleasure to do business with. Would highly recommend!
Matthew E.
  • #587958
  • 2010-11-25
Very good communication. Exzellent quality of the parts. Easy shipment. Thank´s
Franz H.
  • #589639
  • 2010-11-24
This is a great company to do business with!
Teryn P.
  • #589637
  • 2010-11-24
Very good quality parts!
Teryn P.
  • #589634
  • 2010-11-24
I would suggest everyone use this company for their parts supplier!
Teryn P.
  • #589473
  • 2010-11-24
I will definitely use this company again, they did a great job on all 4 parts they made for me!
Teryn P.
  • #585450
  • 2010-11-01
Very responsive, great delivery time, good quality product, competitive price, will give long term cooperation!!
Smara W.
  • #585752
  • 2010-10-25
Good quality and good quotation. Prompt reply.
Federico A.
  • #585747
  • 2010-10-25
Good quality and good quotation. Prompt reply.
Federico A.
  • #575249
  • 2010-09-29
Very responsive, quality product.
Julie V.
  • Dongguan City, 广东 (Guangdong)
  • China 523059
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