Dongfang Car Motorcycle Industry CO., Ltd.
Dongfang Car Motorcycle Industry CO., Ltd.

Gießen Geschäft, Spanende Bearbeitung Geschäft 浙江 (Zhejiang), China, Hersteller

Dongfang Car Motorcycle Industry CO., Ltd. ist ein Hersteller mit Sitz in Ningbo City, 浙江 (Zhejiang), China.


  • Automotive & motorcycle parts
  • Lighting parts
  • Escalator parts


  • ISO9001:2000


  • Die casting machines from 180 T to 1250T
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Dongfang Car Motorcycle Industry CO., Ltd. Dongfang Car Motorcycle Industry CO., Ltd.
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  • #908818
  • 2016-12-08
Very satisfied.
Tim H.
  • #694395
  • 2014-04-03
This company was a pleasure to work with , especially it was so nice to deal with Neil. The responsiveness was first class, Quality was exact to print and delivery on time. Highly recommend Michael Osseo Scientific, LLC
Michael F.
  • #695478
  • 2014-04-03
Neil is one of the nieces person to work with , he made sure the delivery was on time and parts according to drawing. A pleasure to work with , I highly recommend giving this company your work Michael Feldman
Michael F.
  • #505336
  • 2009-11-17
This company was easy to work with throughout the project. Delivery was pushed back a bit, but they were upfront and very cooperative all the way through. Quality of end product was very good. Plan to do more business with them in the future!
Harrill W.
  • Ningbo City, 浙江 (Zhejiang)
  • China 315826
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