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APLUS MOULD CO., LIMITED ist ein Hersteller mit Sitz in Shenzhen, 广东 (Guangdong), China.


  • Transparent Frame
  • Barrel
  • Handle Shell
  • Motor Holder
  • Handle Bar
  • Cliper
  • Keyboard
  • Nipple
  • Smartwrap
  • Shell Mould
  • Webcam


  • Medical
  • Aerospace


  • CNC
  • EDM
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  • #982606
  • 2017-10-04
We awarded APlus an RFQ for a complex injection-molded polypropylene component involving 4 living hinges along a thin part, as well as some manual assembly work. We needed the part quickly, and APlus gave us a remarkable 2-week lead time in exchange for a very reasonable $900 expedite fee. They stayed on schedule and delivered good parts. We requested some modifications to the tool after first samples were delivered, as well as a shift to a stiffer PP resin. APlus implemented these changes quickly and shipped us our next round of samples within about a week. I don't think Leo ever took longer than 20 hours to respond to one of my emails. We've been quite impressed with APlus's responsiveness, and their willingness and capacity to handle unusual requests, such as helping us locate a local Chinese distributor for a particular variety of Loctite surface primer. Overall, we're very satisfied with APlus's work, and we're happy to recommend them to others seeking injection molding services. For anyone interested in seeing their work, I've uploaded photos of our part at the link below. APlus is molding the black plastic wristband frame that "folds" around our wearable device in these photos. In addition to molding the plastic component, they are also assembling the watchband component onto the injection molded plastic component, and inserting the magnets used in our part's clasp mechanism: http://bit.do/perimeterBand
Steven T.
  • #982413
  • 2017-09-10
Excellent work and good communication. Produced parts professionally and on schedule.
Ramsey B.
  • #978139
  • 2017-08-25
Leo has been very helpful and patient with us as we develop our channels of distribution for our product. We look forward to a continued business relationship with Aplus Mould Co Jeff Williams DoublePro paint tray.
Jeff W.
  • #682664
  • 2013-05-07
Excellent work. Leo really understood our requirements and responded well. When we explained that we required extra tight tolerances on our vacuum formed part, he recommended a CNC fabricated mold at a slightly higher expense. Many vacuum forming shops would not immediately get this and would attempt to make the part on a hand made mold. Our parts came out perfect and speedy.
Josh M.
  • #626127
  • 2012-01-13
Leo was great to work with. He made sure all of my needs were met, and I am a very picky customer. Thank you Leo and crew for all of your help!!! Regards, P.
Patrick S.
  • #605283
  • 2012-01-09
I am an inventor who worked with Aplus Mould Company on my first project. Before finding Aplus, on MFG, I had worked with three other companies in trying to develop my product. This led to several years of wasted time and money. Because my product had not previously existed, companies had difficulty in comprehending how to producing it. I can tell you from experience that working with Aplus, compared to other companies, was like night and day. From the moment I engaged them, everything went quickly, smoothly and efficiently. One thing that stood out was their excellent communication skills. I received responses to my e-mails, minutes after I sent them. They were able to produce my product step-by-step, despite the lack of fully completed drawings. I was satisfied with all their services, including manufacturing, assembly, packaging and shipping. We successfully completed the project in 6 months and I am expecting the container to arrive in New York next week. The quality of the completed product came out excellent. As part of my work on the project, I traveled to China, where I was warmly welcomed. The company arranged for local transportation and other services as needed. It was very convenient that the factory was located in Shenzhen City, only 40 minutes from the center of Hong Kong by train. When I arrived at the factory, I met the entire team that was to work on my project, including the Project Manger, Designer, Draft person, and Material Specialist. The company has over 400 workers on the assembly line. All of my questions were answered and concerns resolved with no issues. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a skilled and efficient company to produce their product. I highly recommend any buyer on MFG to check out their profile for a list of services they provide. Gregory Quinn, Inventor and President, Quintessential Project
Gregory Q.
  • #604196
  • 2011-04-26
Leo was very fast in getting back to me and asked a lot of questions to make sure nothing was lost in translation. Before we were to begin larger production (which we stopped due to lack of funding) we order a set of samples that took a little longer than promised but arrived in a sturdy package and looked amazing. I was very impressed with the whole thing and won't hesitate to use them if the funding ever comes back.
Joseph W.
  • #584963
  • 2010-11-30
Best overseas supplier we ever used. Excellent communication-- responds to e-mails within hours, 24 hours a day, even during Chinese holidays! Excellent quality, more than we could ever hope for. Strongly recommended.
Eric F.
  • #574422
  • 2010-10-20
great company will continue to do business with them.
Jerome F.
  • Shenzhen, 广东 (Guangdong)
  • China 518125
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