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Ningbo Yinzhou Fuchun Precision Casting Co.,Ltd was set up in 1988, located in Yingzhou District of Ningbo which is famous for the “Home of precision castings” . In 2006 Ningbo Tongxiang Metal Products Co.,Ltd upbuilt ,which specializes in machining. To make the foundry and machining incorporated to a better service for the clients.


We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of ferrous metal ,stainless steel ,carbon steel, alloy steel castings as well as forging various kinds of high-pressure oil way joint and valves, follows the different country standards such as: GB, NF, DIN, ISO, KS,   OCT, JIS, SS, BS, AISI, SAE and so on. The weight of casting can be produced from 0.1kg to 300kg, our year capacity is 8000 metric tons.


We are proud of processing the complete production, with the advanced equipments for inspection and test, such as Direct-reading Spectrograph, projection measuring instrument, Hardness tester, low-temperature Impact test Machine, Metallographic Analyzer, magnetic particle flaw detector, ultrasonic test machine and etc, Our company qualified by the ISO quality system since 1998 and certified by PED in 2007.

Our business policy is to survive upon quality and to win the market upon reputation. The marketed products have received favorable comments from both domestic and foreign clients.


Our products are spread over Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Italy, Britain, America, Canada, and Australia.

We will never be satisfied with what we have now. We will regard quality and credit as our base, continuous innovation as our power, high-efficiency and satisfying service as our guarantee. Staff in Fuchun is willing to devote their strength to the development of Chinese founding industry under the following tenets --- manufacturing nice products from good materials, honesty as our base, keeping on exploiting and enterprising, continuous innovation, treating companies of same business line well and never being fear of strong adversary.

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  • 宁波, 浙江 (Zhejiang)
  • China 315111
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