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We want all of our suppliers, new and old, to succeed on So, in our next series of blogs, we are going to share the ingredients to our “secret sauce” – or the methodology we believe will help suppliers find success on We’ll approach the series in three installments:

  1. Building the Foundation for Success
  2. Learning to Win On the Platform - Day-to-Day Operations
  3. Creating and Sustaining Relationships

Today, we will tackle the elements that build the foundation for success. They include

  • Completing Your New-Supplier Orientation
  • Creating Your Profile
  • Building Your Reputation

Complete Your Basic Orientation

You’ve joined as a supplier and now you’re ready to get in there and start winning some business. If you’re like a lot of people, you want to just jump in and start quoting jobs. But at, years of experience have taught us that the most important thing a new supplier can do is spend the time up front to learn how to really use the system. There are numerous tools and techniques which can put you on the fast track to success. Rather than trying to figure them out by trial and error, the best thing you can do is get fully trained. We make it easy and fun. And what you learn will be invaluable. Login to your account and contact your support advisor to set up an appointment today.

Once your training is complete, keep learning. Our supplier support team is available to the maximum extent possible during business hours. Every subscriber can use the general support email address, which is posted on the platform, and ClickDesk, our online chat function which is available on every page. 

Create a Compelling Profile on

In today’s world, most buyers research potential suppliers using the internet and, by the time they reach out to you (whether via or directly), they already have made a decision about doing business with you.

While creating and maintaining a website may not be practical for all suppliers, every subscriber can take the time to create a profile. The profile is a great secondary option to a website, as it will come up on Google when someone searches on your company name. Due to’s extremely large internet footprint and the high quality of its SEO ranking, your profile gets a boost that you would not otherwise get without paying for expensive SEO services on your website. Thus, the profile gives your business worldwide visibility, and it provides a means to know who you are, what you do and how well you do it. Best of all,’s supplier support specialists are available to help you through every step of creating a profile and optimizing it for search engines. And, if you already have a website, the profile is an outstanding way to direct more traffic to your website, which also will enhance your firm’s positioning in search engine results.

So, create an profile and make it as complete as possible. Don’t stop at the basics of name and contact information. Add your logo and pictures. Mention your certifications. Offer your business philosophy and core values. List all the services and products you offer. Link to your website. Discuss your management team. In other words, maximize use of this platform-provided tool. You would not do business with a totally unfamiliar company, so why would you expect buyers to entrust a manufacturing job to an unknown entity?

Start Building Your Reputation

On the internet, reputation is everything. Why? Because people who are considering working with you don't really know you. So they're going to want to get as much information about you as possible. If the text and images on your profile look great, the next thing the customer will want to know is: "what do customers who have worked with your company in the past think?". They will want to see ratings and reviews that give them a clearer picture of what working with you will be like. Will the quality be there? Will you do what you say you will do? Will you deliver on time? Ratings are the answer. And makes it easy for customers to rate you. But in order to do that, you will first have to complete a job for them. So it's important as you start out on your journey to success with that you think about how you will win those first few jobs and get some ratings. Once you start to get those positive ratings, you will suddenly be taken much more seriously by buyers who are looking for quality and who are willing to pay for it.


The marketplace does see small, low quantity and prototype jobs on a regular basis. Consider trying to win some of these jobs, solely for the purpose of building your reputation. They aren't the ones that are going to allow you to retire, but they are the ones that will help you prove to the marketplace that you really are as good as you say you are. As with so many other things, you have to earn your stripes.

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