What Google Ain’t – It Can’t Create Content

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Google has never answered a question. Google doesn’t create content. Google cannot give you a feed rate, the latest offers from your local Sandik or Sodick rep, or your best options for titanium or 401. It won’t tell you about your best options for MRO or standard industrial products.

googleIt can only feedback to you what someone has chosen to share on a subject.

Google’s strength – for now – is in locating the most relevant content as quickly as possible.

It is crucial for small- and medium-sized manufacturers to consider this as you develop your Web strategy. Search engines will only present to your prospects returns based on the quality and relevance of the content you and your competitors present online.

There is nothing more important to your success today in nurturing new business and attracting interest from new buyers in new markets than what your Web site says about you.

junta42Spend some time researching the importance of content in supporting and sustaining new sales for your shop or plant. As a start, you can’t go wrong by engaging with Joe over at Junta42. Joe’s career is dedicated to the importance of content, and his site offers a wealth of inspiration and great advice on the most important feature of your Web site, profile, and all other “outposts” where prospects may find you.

Don’t expect Google to present you favorably to buyers. You have to do that for yourself.

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