Welcome To MFG: Buyers Fresh to the Global Contract Manufacturing Marketplace [May 19]

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Another week, another great group of sourcing professionals, engineers, and custom parts buyers have joined the Contract Manufacturing Marketplace to discover new, qualified suppliers to get their custom manufactured parts made and do what they do best: build amazing things. This week, we welcome NIKE, SIEMENS, SUIT-X, and the HYPERION TECHNOLOGIES

If you're a contract manufacturer or job shop looking for work from buyers sourcing American-made, companies like these might just be perfect fit for your manufacturing capabilities. 



Striving to "bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world," Nike is a global behemoth in the textile and athletic verticals. But what a lot of people don't know about Nike is that the Beaverton, Oregon, company is a leader in human performance research and athletic sciences. 

Whether it's biomechanics, mechanical engineering, kinesiology, or physics, the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab "fuels product innovation specifically through knowledge and insight gained from a scientific understanding of athletes and athletic performance," to greatly reduce athletic injury risk, while shoving the envelope of sports performance and medicine contiually forward. 


SiemensWith an unerring focus on ingenuity and innovation in the energy, automotive, and consumer products verticals, as well as many others, Siemens is "one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, [and] a leading supplier of systems for power generation and transmission as well as medical diagnosis."

Serving industries worldwide for more than 100 years, Siemens' innovative strategies and sophisticated solutions to some of the world's biggest problems have put the company at the forefront of sustainability and research -- and a pioneer in the manufacturing industry. From industrial communications and security, to software automation and automated manufacturing, Siemens continues to make unprecedented strides toward the future. 


SuitXSetting the bar to it's highest level, Suit-X is revolutionizing the robotics community via it's state-of-the-art exoskeletons, meant to not only for rebilitation services, but also verticals such as contrstruction and manufacturing. 

Affordable and modular, Suit-X builds exoskeleton to enhance our quality of life, whether that be at home or on the job. From it's feather-light "Phoenix" model, meant to afford greater mobility to the disabled, to it's Modular Agile Exoskeleton (MAX), meant to alleviate shoulder, back, and leg stresses during intensive tasks such as in some welding or fabricating, Suit-X is quickly taking control of a niche with increasing demand -- securing it's future as a leader in the Bionics industry. 

Hyperion Technologies

Hyperion TechnologiesAlthough founded in 2013, Hyperion Industries is already beginning to make a name for itself in the space industry. Located in the Netherlands, Hyperion Technologies "focuses on delivering high performance ADCS and related systems, as well as spin-out products such as miniaturised payloads as well as payload processing platforms."

Determined to provide high-quality, high-performance parts for small spacecraft, Hyperion Technologies not only makes some of the toughest navigation and optics products in the world, they also provide world-class services. Whether it's electronics design or software development -- or even radiation testing and analysis -- Hyperion Technologies has the expertise and the capacity to help space agencies and hobbyists around the world from application to consultancy, and much more in between. 


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