Welcome To MFG: Buyers Fresh to the Global Contract Manufacturing Marketplace [June 2]

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This week, military and defense specialists AUTEM NOVUS infiltrate the Global Manufacturing Marketplace to find new suppliers for their world-class tactical gear and firearms, while SOLEX looks to further revolutionize the heat-exchange subsector. 

But that's not all. We also welcome innovative companies like WHIRLWIND VRTRU-FLEX, and ORION LABS ... companies you're going to want to definitely check out. 

And as always: If you're a contract manufacturer or job shop looking for work from companies on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, organizations like these might just be perfect fit for your manufacturing capabilities. 

Autem Novus

Autem Novus

Dutifully serving the defense and law enforcement industries worldwide since 1980, Autem Novus is a premier wholesale manufacturer of firearms and tactical combat gear. Many of Autem Novus' products are used by institutions such as DOD and the ATF; various global and domestic governments; and assorted contract agencies and independent specialists.

"Our team handles every stage of the purchase, delivery, and fulfillment cycle, keeping your [team] focused on doing a job well done. We get you the tools you need, when you need, on time and under budget." -- Autem Novus Team

By reliably supplying brands such as Beretta, Gerber, Leatherman, Geissele Automatics, Camelbak, Unity Tactical, KELTEC, and Smith & Wesson year after year, Autem Novus is breaching barriers across the defense and law enforcement subsectors, not only providing high-end products, but also world-class services, from licensing to logistics. 

"We are proud to offer various sectors ... the highest caliber products on the market today to ensure our soldiers, contractors, and specialists are equipped and ready to take on the demanding nature of their occupations." -- Autem Novus Team 

Solex Thermal Science

SolexStarted in 1989 as a division of Cominco Engineering Services, Solex Thermal Science is today an independent industry leader in the bulk materials market, specifically an expert in the heating, cooling, and drying of bulk solids for various industries, both foreign and domestic.

Whether it's the construction industry, the agriculture vertical, the food products market, or the oil & gas subsector, Solex Thermal Science provides professionals in myriad industries innovative solutions to project hiccups caused by mass flow blockages and air flow interruptions, among many other things. 

Focused on customer service, Solex Thermal Science not only develops heat-exchange and cooling solutions for companies around the world, but they also provide world-class retrofitting, refurbishing, and repurposing services to all of their clients. 

"We work with you at every stage of the process - undertaking complex thermal modelling to find optimal solutions, conducting pilot testing when required and ensuring your installation is both seamless and optimized." -- Solex Thermal Science Team

Whirlwind VR

Vortx"Feeling is believing." At least that's what the ingenious designers and coders at Whirlwind VR aspire to.

Headquartered in Burlingame, California, Whirlwind VR is looking to change the definition of virtual reality immersion with their revolutionary consumer invention, the Vortx. 

"Simulating a number of [highly] complex [virtual] scenarios [and environments]," the Vortx distinguishes itself from other haptic, sensory-enhancing products by provding true sensory engagement through the use of air stimulation, "adaptive heat physics," and ultra-low latency. The latter of chich providing a nearly 1:1 input to ouput ratio, which drastically minimizes the lag time between user input and computer response in a virtual environment. 

"Vortx is the first non-contact haptic system that can simulate the virtual environment. Vortx can control air by simulating complex scenarios such as explosions or gunfire, or something as simple as wind or a campfire." -- Whirlwind VR Team


Tru-FlexYou've probably seen a Tru-Flex product. You just didn't know it. 

Providing flexible exhaust hoses for industrial and transportation professionals worldwide since 1962, 50% of tractor trailers on U.S. highways and byways use a Tru-Flex product. And that's not to mention the countless pieces of equipment found in the agricultural, industrial, construction, and outdoors verticals that utilize Tru-Flex emissions regulating hoses each and every day. 

"We do it all. Think crush-proof hoses for moving grains, plastic pellets, wood chips, and other dry materials. Think heat-resistant ductwork and chimney liners. Think flexible hoses that protect less durable tubing or electronics. That's the kind of work we do." -- Tru-Flex Team

And what's more, Tru-Flex provides world-class engineering and technical support for all of their clients. Using a proprietary design verification software, Tru-Flex's preeminant technicians and engineers are fully capable of troubleshooting even the most difficult of complications. Focused on custom service and quality, Tru-Flex goes the extra mile to ensure their products work the first time. Every time. 

Orion Labs

Orion LabsBringing people together through uninhibited communication, Orion Labs is on a journey to reimagine how people interact with each other in the digital age. By taking one step back to (hopefully) take more steps forward, Orion Labs has created what they believe is an "easy, instant communication" device in Onyx, the world's first wearable communications accesory. 

Orion Labs believes in real-time, instant communication, unencumbered by text messaging or cumbersome touch-tone dialing. Instead, the Onyx, which is always on and always connected, looks to provide users instantaneous conversation capabilities, from business groups to single-users.  

"Onyx helps you talk more, and type less. Instant voice messaging with many or a few, across any distance." Orion Labs Team. "[There are] no limits on the number of people, conversations, or channels you can access." With Onyx, the your friends, family, and colleagues are never more than a click away. 


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