Welcome To MFG: Buyers Fresh to the Global Contract Manufacturing Marketplace [Apr.27]

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This week, electronics giant Intel joins the Contract Manufacturing Marketplace, alongside Oceaneering, Everwaters, and Liquid Robotics to discover new, qualified suppliers to get their custom manufactured parts made and do what they do best: build amazing things. 

And if you're a contract manufacturer or job shop looking for work from buyers sourcing American-made, companies like these might just be perfect fit for your manufacturing capabilities. 

Intel Corporation

Intel Electronics Manufacturing

One of the most innovative and influential electronics companies in the world, Intel has been an industry leader in electronics manufacturing in the computer parts subsector for more than 40 years. Based in Santa Clara, California, Intel supplies processors, semiconductors, video graphics cards, chip sets, circuit boards, and much more to leading technology companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Dell.

What's more, Intel is committed to leveraging the power their computing technologies to drive innovation in myriad manufacturing sectors, such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, and manufacturing for the energy sector. 


Oceaneering Energy ManufacturingProviding preeminant products for the energy, defense, and aerospace industries around the world, Oceaneering's focus on providing excellence in the deepwater applications has made it a perennial leader in the subsea engineering vertical. From remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to manned diving devices, deepwater testing and inspection equipment, and built-to-order subsea hardware, Oceaneering's expertise in the engineering and project management fields has kept the company afloat for more than 45 years. 


EverWaters Custom EngineeringA start-up based out of Philadephia, Pennsylvania, Everwaters is setting out to revolutionize the way the world drinks water. Founded and operated by mechanical engineers from the University of Pennsylvania, Everwaters was the recipient of the inagural President's Engagement Prize, which provided $100,000 in project funds. Moreover, Everwaters was the recipient of the Intel-Cornell Engineering design competition. 

"A plant-based water filter that removes over 99.99% of harmful microbes, lead, the taste of chlorine, and other things you don't want to drink," Everwaters is looking to ramp up production of their world changing water filtration system through the Contract Manufacturing Marketplace. 

See how another savvy start-up made it big with

Liquid Robotics

Liquid RoboticsLiquid Robotics is making waves in the science and communcations verticals. Using unmanned robots to sail the seven seas, Liquid Robotics is revolutionizing ocean exploration "by gathering data in ways [and in] locations previously too costly or challenging" for traditional oceanographic techniques and devices. 

Working with scientists, defense contractors, governments, and energy professionals around the world, Liquid Robotics provides solutions for meteorological, seismic, subsea, and communications data collection "for everything from pre-exploration to post-operations" in an inexpensive, flexible, and reliable service suite that employs only the most cutting edge technological services and unmanned exploration devices. 


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