Welcome To MFG: Buyers Fresh to the Global Contract Manufacturing Marketplace [Apr.20]

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This week, Tesla Motors, Commercial Vehicle Group, and Morzine Medical LLC. join the contract manufacturing marketplace to discover new, qualified suppliers to get their custom manufactured parts made and do what they do best: build amazing things. 

And if you're a contract manufacturer or job shop looking for work from buyers sourcing American-made, companies like these might just be perfect fit for your manufacturing capabilities. 

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors

Founded in 2003, Tesla Motors has continuously reshaped the way the world thinks about automobiles for the better part of a decade. Not satisfied with the traditional combustion engine, Tesla engineers have made it their mandate to engineer "better than gasoline cars," while championing sustainable -- and affordable -- transport at unparralled manufacturing precision. 100% electric, more than 50,000 Tesla cars -- from the Model S to the Model 3 -- can be found on the roads today, bringing energy innovation to countries all over the world. 

Commercial Vehicle Group

Commercial Vehicle GroupAn industry-leading expert in research and development for multiple verticals, such as the heavy truck industry; the specialty vehicle industry; and the contruction industry; Commercial Vehicle Group provides innovative solutions that enhance the comfort, safety, and performance of "workers who spend long hours using commercial and heavy duty vehicles" on a daily basis. 

From seats and seating systems for trucks and buses, to body panels and wire harnesses for military vehicles and heavy construction equipment, Commerical Vehicle Group is dedicated to continuous improvement and eco-consciousness -- and expanding at an exponential rate. 

Morzine Medical LLC.

Morzine Medical Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga, Morzine Medical LLC. is hyper-focused on providing the medical industry the most sophisticated and advanced trauma treatment devices and accessories on the planet. 

Whether it's the highly mobile and efficient Doak surgical table, or the many state-of-the-art trauma fighting accesories and parts produced by the company, "Morzine Medical continually incubates, manufactures, and delivers exceptional products to accelerate life-saving treatment at point of care." Whether the application or environment be civilian or military, peaceful or hostile, Morzine medical products will get the job done. 



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