Webinar: Supporting Manufacturing Leadership Through Sustainability

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Sustainability in Manufacturing Webinar

We are hosting a webinar (Free!) one week from today (9/22) at 2pm EST called "Supporting Manufacturing Through Sustainability".  Please join us!

As a manufacturer, you work hard to keep costs down, profits up, and your customers happy. But can you stay competitive and reduce your environmental footprint at the same time?

Actually, the answer is yes.

Please join us in this special webinar and learn how the Green Suppliers Network and the E3 (Economy, Energy, and Environment) framework can help you thrive in this new business era focused on sustainability.

This webinar will be presented by Alex Folk from NIST MEP and Tom Murray from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Did you know that next week is Anti-Pollution week?  Even more reason to join us!

For more information and to register online - click here.


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