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Manufacturers need all the help they can get these days. Not only can a membership on expose manufacturers to prospects and customers from next door to around the world, it can also help you become better at marketing your business.

We've introduced a 4-week training program called Boot Camp that comes with each membership in the marketplace. The training you'll receive over the first four weeks of your membership is designed to help ensure your success on

But it also offers knowledge that can help you market more successfully online through your own Web site and other online channels.

Here's how it works:


What is New Supplier Boot Camp?
A 4-week period taking the new member through all aspects of making your experience a successful one

What should I expect?

Week 1 – Attend online training and complete your profile

  • Attend a free training to acclimate yourself with your Supplier dashboard
  • Update your Supplier profile (HUGELY IMPORTANT TO YOUR SUCCESS)

Week 2 – Providing intelligent quotes and qualifying Buyers

  • Qualifying Buyers directly from your Supplier dashboard
  • Doing your own due diligence outside of to qualify Buyers
  • Quality vs. quantity when quoting

Week 3 – Marketing 101, how to market your company for success

  • Discuss materials that can be used to market your company
  • Ways to separate yourself from your competition

Week 4 – New Supplier Forum

  • 15 minute one on one follow-up session with your dedicated Account Representative to review best business practices (tips and techniques) for your success within the marketplace, as well as answer any questions you may have

Upon completion of your New Supplier Boot Camp you will know how to:

  • Navigate and manage your account via your dashboard
  • Provide quotes to and qualify the right Buyers for your business
  • Market your company for success
  • Increase your chances at winning business on and in the markets you serve

But wait - there's more! (Did I really just type that?!?!?) By completing the entire 4-week Boot Camp program, you qualify to participate in our referral program.  If you refer a new member, upon activation of their new Supplier account you will receive one free month of service on (contact us for details).

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