Top Things To Look For In An Industrial-Electronics Manufacturer

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Keeping a manufacturing business operating at full capacity depends on many factors, and equipment must be repaired and maintained to avoid production delays and ensure safety. When it comes to industrial-electronic components and connectors, you need to have the right, high-quality products readily available for your equipment. Here are a few of our favorite tips that buyers in our marketplace have found to be helpful when looking for a new industrial-electronics manufacturer that will fit their business needs.

Using the highest quality components will help to ensure long lifespan, reducing the potential for premature failure. The purchased components must be manufactured with quality materials and adhere to high standards. Does the manufacturer use materials that meet the specifications of the equipment you are using?

Quality also includes the supplier’s ability to meet your unique specifications. The components or connectors used may have to meet thermal requirements or provide resistance to vibration and shock. If your manufacturing processes expose electronics to chemicals, you need extra protection against damage from gases or liquids.

The supplier must also be able to ensure that the products provided are tested rigorously in the type of environment that they will be used in — so be sure to look for a company that backs their products with a strong warranty.

A supplier should be able to prove that they meet universally recognized standards including ISO: 9001 and ANSI - ASQ. Look for a partner that can meet ATEX compliance requirements, or RoHS, if your manufacturing process requires this.

You need a supplier that can meet your delivery deadlines and expedite orders in emergencies. Electronic system failures can shut down machinery or cause communications errors. Whether a PCB connector or Ethernet switch is required, they are needed quickly to keep your business running.

So look for a company that stocks the products you need and has the resources to fill orders quickly. The company should also provide tracking information to ensure orders are delivered in a timely manner. You will also want to work with an industrial supplier that is willing to correct any issues that arise with your order.

Once you have found a company that provides the quality components and connectors you require, you’ve conquered part of the battle — but you’ll want to go a step further.

Can the supplier work with you to fabricate connectors designed for a specific application?  Can they create new solutions to help solve industrial-electronic component issues? You should have someone that can design, prototype and test solutions for you. If you want to keep your business growing and adapting to changes in technology, your supplier must be able to grow along with you.

Customer service
You need to be able to talk to someone that can answer your questions, even providing you with solutions you may not have considered. A truly good partner will provide alternative solutions, including solutions that will cost less in the long run.

Finally, look for an industrial-electronics supplier with a solid track record —working with a company with industry experience is essential. Your best choice will be finding an industrial-electronics manufacturer that forms a long-term partnership you can rely on.

About the author:
Christina Chatfield is the Marketing Communications Manager at HARTING USA ( in Elgin, IL.  HARTING Technology Group designs and sells industrial electrical and electronic components for your specialized business needs.

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