Top 8 Features for Sourcing Professionals

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1. Supplier Discovery Search Tool
Enables you to find qualified suppliers fast and easy.  Simply choose the discipline you are looking for, the geography you would like to search, the certifications or classifications if you need it, and click search! Where else do you have access to thousands of suppliers catered to your specific requirements at your fingertips? And, all of our suppliers have profiles for quick and easy due diligence. Our 5-star rating system will allow you to see how other buyers have rated their experience with these suppliers and even what they had to say about them!

2. Complete Control of RFQ Distribution
You always have complete control of your RFQ. Prior to release, you can choose global, regional, state or province for each RFQ as you create them, and you can set your preferences to create a default distribution of your choice. Other options include inviting specific suppliers, creating supplier group distribution lists and even inviting your existing suppliers to quote on the platform!

3. Legally Binding NDA
Regardless of the RFQ geographical distribution choices you make, if an NDA is necessary, we can help you manage that as well. We have a standard NDA that you can use, or you copy and paste your own. From here, you can do one of two things. You can set it up so that once the supplier accepts your NDA, they can instantly view your drawing. Or you can make your NDA available for suppliers to accept, view the list of those that accepted, then determine which suppliers you want to send your drawings to.

4. Communications Audit Trail has an internal messaging system. It is very simple to use, just like sending an email. You can send one message, or multiple messages to suppliers and they will respond directly back to you. This instantly creates an audit trail for all of your communications, including any updates to your drawings.

5. Quoting Comparisons & Analytics Tool
Our tool is very robust. Once quotes are received, you can easily compare quotes and export that information to Excel. You can even set a target price to see who is able to meet your number. With this tool, true market pricing is at your finger tips.

6. Order Monitoring System
Wouldn’t you like to instantly know how far along a supplier is with your part without having to pick up the phone and call them? offers this solution for you. You can easily see the progress of each part you are sourcing, at any time.

7. Part Library
Why reinvent the wheel? With our part library, once you source a part, it is forever in your part library. The next time you are ready to source that part, you simply go to the library and source it again. If you need to adjust quantity, dates or distribution, it’s just a few more clicks and you are ready to go.

8. Full Service Sourcing Assistance
Our team of well trained sourcing advisors are available to you when you need us.  You can reach us by phone (1.866.634.4357), live chat (24/7) or email.  We can train you on the tool, walk you through the steps of sourcing, advise you and even help you upload your parts. We are here to serve your needs.

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