Seth Godin Disses Manufacturers - Again

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I recently called Seth to task for dropping a take on manufacturing that showed a lack of appreciation or even basic understanding of it (Will The Real Seth Godin Please Grow Up?).

Well, he went and done it again.

Over at, Mark Graban caught Seth committing another faux pas against manufacturing (Seth Godin Catches All Manufacturers, Unfairly, in his "Factory Thinking" Net). Only this time instead of a brief lapse in an otherwise great overall take, Mark points out (rightly so) that Seth is showing an even greater disconnect with what manufacturing is and what it can be.

You should read this post from Mark. I think you'll recognize the 'rainbows & unicorns' thinking here that permieates our society today - that manufacturing has somehow become the 8-track tape of our economy. That's just plain wrong, and the evidence is all around us today that shows how perilous a place that kind of thinking can take us.

Note to Seth: Seriously, man ... you need to get out more. As smart as you are, I think all you need is to actually visit and spend some quality time with some progressive manufacturers (yep, there are many) and get some perspective on this topic.

Bloggist's Note: Mark Graban and make up a fantastic resource for all things Lean and a marvelous advocate for sound management in manufacturing. Mark is focusing his considerable experience on hospitals and the health care industry, to help interject Lean there.

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