Seriously Europe, where are your direct materials programs?

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I love our European cousins, truly.  They bring different perspectives and cultural opinions to almost any discussion.  However, currently, exchangeratesEuropean sourcing professionals are missing one of the biggest opportunities since the Portland Trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft.

The United States manufacturing market.

If there is one advantage to the dollar being depressed it is that American manufactured goods are going to be more cost competitive oversees.  The world cannot wait for President Obama's export increase plan to go into effect.  They need to get proactive and Source American now, while the dollar is weak.  Locking in some good terms and pushing down the accelerator on European recovery should be on the top of their priority list.

Where are you Europe?

I mean, come on... look at the picture.  European Union countries are shopping at a 25% discount through the door and the United Kingdom is shopping at a whopping 36% discount.  I know logistics and tariffs are going to eat some of that up, but holy cost savings Batman!  I know American sourcing professionals would be really excited about that sort of easy opportunity.  (Secret: They should be, sourcing domestically right now might be a bigger opportunity for American manufacturers than European) High quality manufactured components at a natural discount...  I expect my phone to be ringing off the hook.  Here let me help out the European sourcing directors out there.  Call us.  We can help hook you up with suppliers that have open capacity right now who you can Ameri-source your components to.

David Landsman

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