Running a Precision Machine Shop with 14 Employees

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Running a precision machine shop with 14 employees is not always an easy thing to do, especially when the market is changing. There are many thing that we at Baklund R&D do to stay on top of our game and at the forefront of technology.

Of course we use computers and smart phones, which operate as mini computers and help in many ways.  SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for us is that we are always able to see our business at a glance.

Some will say to me, “Wait, you’re a machine shop and you Tweet and Facebook about what you’re up to at the shop?”

I tell them yes. We are part of a society and we do business, and business is social. We are mobile and engaged with hundreds of people and companies. The dynamic landscape is a fertile growing ground, and we appreciate the social interactions we have on a daily basis.

Here are a few of our operational guidelines for best business practices in this dynamic social and technological environment we live in.

  1. Have an online accounting system
  2. Text and email with critical people on projects
  3. Text and email with customers and potential customers you have in house projects for
  4. Keep an eye on production with live cameras at your facility, viewable from your smart phone
  5. Keep abreast of current info, on social media and the web in general
  6. Keep your social media followers updated with what you’re up to, what projects you’re working on
  7. Constantly market your company with social media and blogs postings
  8. Make connections on Linked-In and write articles for additional exposure
  9. Sign documents digitally on your smart phones
  10. Share documents via cloud apps, programs, and storage
  11. Utilize online services such as online quoting portals that give you access to companies that you wouldn’t normally find or have access to
  12. Quote and look at work on your smart phone; this allows you to be dynamic with what you can do and where you can do it

These tips are in place to allow us to be extremely mobile, and these days mobile is the name of the game.

Author Bio

Jon Baklund is President of Baklund R&D LLC, an 89 year old family-owned Design, Rapid Manufacturing & Precision Machining company, based out of Hutchinson, Minnesota. Jon he has been around machine tool trades his entire life and learned everything he knows from his father.


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