Outsourcing, And What You Can Do About It

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A recently released study from Deloitte Consulting entitled "Why Settle For Less? Deloitte Consulting 2008 Outsourcing Report (PDF)," offers some interesting lessons for anyone considering or dead in the middle of outsourcing. As a matter of fact, both outsourcing professionals and suppliers can gain valuable insight into the pitfalls and rewards of any outsourcing relationship.

Many Buyers are challenged from their outsourcing strategy - or lack of any.

Many Buyers are challenged from their outsourcing strategy - or lack of one.

Consider these findings from the report:

  • Over 1/3 of all respondents said they wished their companies had spent more time evaluating and selecting vendors.
  • The "dissatisfied" sampling identified these as the source of their negative experiences: underestimated scope; higher-than-expected costs; and poor quality communications, service, and reporting from their suppliers.
  • Nearly half of the executives participating said that, if they could start outsourcing projects over, they would define service levels that matched their companies' business goals better.

These results show that as a supplier you have opportunities to discuss the pain points a prospect or customer is experiencing, and show how your strengths can help them avoid these challenges. That's helping them reduce supply chain risk, and that's what they need.

These are the types of opportunities that tell you what your Web sites should be saying to manufacturing prospects that are researching you online. Showing how you've helped others avoid the inherent costs of outsourcing will get you more leads, and ultimately more business.

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