North American Buyers Sourcing Closer To Home

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"... more than half of buyers polled said they are doing more near-shoring as a result of the recession while only 28% said they consider low-cost country sourcing a growth strategy coming out of recession. And the latest data from indicates that buyers have slowed the cutbacks on sourcing outside North America, but are not yet increasing their sourcing plan overseas."

PurchasingBizconnectAlso, Purchasing's own monthly survey shows "... anti-dumping tariffs as another reason for sourcing closer to home. And reductions in ocean and air freight capacity in the past year have also extended leadtimes for some overseas materials, buyers say."

All this adds up to opportunity for your business to capitalize on this activity. Contact former customers. Develop and send out regular e-mails to prospects and customers letting them know about new equipment or capabilities you have. Include examples of work and projects you've completed that show your competence as a partner.

As a friend of ours likes to say, "There are no bad business conditions to a good businessman."

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