New Ways to Fill Your Manufacturing Capacity

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In today’s economic climate, you must continuously search for different ways to find new customers. This needs to be done while also providing your existing customers with a high level of service. Doing both efficiently becomes a very delicate balance. A business operator has to maintain a constant focus in operations, while also making sure to keep a sales hat on.

There are several ways to find new customers. First is the traditional sales approach where an outside sales person sells your services to his customer base. This is a great approach, but difficult to execute. The next approach is to hire a manufacturing rep firm. They help sell your service, along with all of their other product lines, to their customers. This approach is decent, but success is based on how well the rep firm can actually sell your product within their limited territory.

The third approach is to try and do it yourself. After all, you know the business best and are the most passionate about it. While this too is a great approach, it takes you away from running business operations. If you have a great operations partner, then you are in great shape. Otherwise, you have to try and balance the two and inevitably operations will take a back seat to your search for new customers, which will create problems of its own.

The last solution, and most unknown solution, is to use internet marketing technology to help grow your business. It allows customers to find you, versus you continually searching for them. With internet marketing technologies, customers can find you at any time, particularly when they have an actual need. 

The marketplace enables you to leverage the internet marketing world in two ways. First, through our marketplace, your potential customers are submitting work for quote every day. If they submit a RFQ that meets your capabilities, you can quote on it quickly and efficiently. Secondly, provides you with custom branding pages that enables customers to search you out at any time, day or night. They can then reach out to you directly and request a quote from you. Does success happen overnight? No, but has made it easy for your to help grow your business, one customer at a time.

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