MFGWatch Survey: 'Significant' Supply Chain Disruptions Rise

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More North American buy-side manufacturers report they've experienced "a significant supply chain disruption" in the first quarter of 2011. In the latest MFGWatch Survey, 42% of manufacturers say those disruptions were serious enough to require looking for or actually selecting alternative sources of supply.

More manufacturers say they've experienced significant supply chain disruptions

The rise of supply chain disruptions over the 37% reporting in last quarter of 2010 comes as no surprise, with the natural disasters in Japan and their aftermath. What is surprising is the relative consistency of buyers, sourcing professionals and supply chain managers reporting disruptions each quarter since Q3 '09.

The average percentage of manufacturers that have indicated supply chain disruptions over the last 7 quarters of MFGWatch surveys is nearly 41% - the 42% from Q1 '11 establishes a remarkable trend of disruptions that take tremendous tolls on resources and budgets of organizations to maintain timelines and inventory. That consistency also suggests a level of inefficiency that transcends unique events (like Japan, supplier failures or energy price volatility).

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