MFGWatch Survey from Shows Buyers Experiencing Significant Risk

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This chart protrays North American Buyer behaviors from October, 2009.

In the latest MFGWatch survey from, 38% of North American industrial and manufacturing buyers said they've experienced a "significant" disruption in their supply chains over the past 3 months. And 38% is a significant number, when you think about it - over 1/3 of buyers had to regroup and find alternative sources to maintain schedule. And quality. And inventory. Right now.

This also represents significant opportunity for you. With so many buyers in a state of disruption and looking for solutions, how's your company's Web presence? Are you conveying what a buyer under duress wants to find - technical competence, dependability, flexibility and strong partnering chops?

Now's the time to revisit the content of your Web site - what it says - and tune it up to show what you can make, not just what you can make it with.

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