MFGMojo from - Reviewing the Global Manufacturing Gemba

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This is the first post from MFG Mojo, a blog from for the small- and medium-sized manufacturer (SMM).

MFG Mojo is here to help you be a more successful SMM. To understand and use the Web more effectively to build relationships and grow revenue. To get perspective on developments in government and industry that impact your ability to grow your business. To get some straight skinny on how to navigate through the evolving manufacturing mojo. We'll likely talk some about, but we're mostly concerned about the whole manufacturing ecosystem and the SMM's place in it.

And we sure want to hear from SMMs like you, too. Weigh in when you can, and let us know what you're finding interesting, confusing or noteworthy.

We'll do our best to bring some understanding and context relevant to manufacturers. We'll bring you tips and tricks and techniques that will help you communicate better. And we're sure looking forward to having you along for the ride.

Let's roll.

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