Blog to host a Supplier Development Webinar on Wednesday, March 16th at 4pm

Submitted on is hosting a Supplier Development Webinar called "Job Shop Scheduling: How to get More Jobs Done Faster" on Wednesday, March 16th at 4pm EST. Space is limited to the first 100 Suppliers, so sign up today!

This webinar covers EXACTLY how to get More Jobs Done Faster in a highly custom job shop or machine shop.

We cover how scheduling is traditionally done, the mistakes most shops make when trying to schedule, and then we cover the Velocity Scheduling System approach.

Nothing is held back. During the webinar, you learn the full system and what to go do TOMORROW to reduce your lead-times and improve your due date performance!

Dr. Lisa Lang (known as Dr. Lisa) will be the webinar facilitator. She is a Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma expert and recently worked for Goldratt Consulting owned by Dr Eliyahu M Goldratt, author of The Goal and father of Theory of Constraints. Dr. Lisa has also managed and then owned a custom job shop.

Title: More Jobs Done Faster

Date: Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Time: 4:00 - 5:00 PM EST ; 2:00 - 3:00 PM MDT

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System Requirements:

PC-based Attendees: Required, Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Macintosh-based Attendees: Required, Mac OS x 10.3.11 (Tiger) or newer

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