Blog Founder, Mitch Free, Makes Top 100 People Influencing Electronics Manufacturing Services List

Submitted on's founder, Mitch Free makes The annual “Top 100 people influencing electronics manufacturing services” list for 2012. 

WHO ARE THE TOP PEOPLE influencing the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) industry the most and how exactly do you define influential?

Making this list is not an easy process. Does ‘influential’ mean the best or brightest people who manage OEM in-house builds; contract their product programs and operations with EMS providers, move markets or control the most MCOGs; impact consumers, inspire others or create debate? In one word, yes.

Not just anyone can accomplish a task to create a list of this magnitude, but we felt we could rise to the occasion. In the process, we reached out to dozens of colleagues and asked for input and suggestions as we created our ‘best of’ list of individuals who make the largest impressions. Several people contributed to helping us create and organize this list.

The result is our list of 100 EMS influencers recognizing academicians; service providers, entrepreneurs, executives, law makers, investors and many others who are leading initiatives or influencing electronics manufacturing operations in some way to also influence and prepare clients; organizations, industries or nations to make better decisions to meet the challenges facing today’s technology decision makers.

Although our decidedly un-scientific list is organized numerically, in assembling this list we focused more on who is and is not included for the sake of diversity. But even a list of 100 can leave room for desire.

We hope you enjoy this collection of influencers affecting the global EMS industry. If you have any suggestions we welcome your comments.

Without further delay, we bring you ‘The top 100 people influencing EMS’ for 2012:

92. Mitch Free
Free is founder at, the largest global online marketplace for the manufacturing community connecting buyers and suppliers of manufactured products from around the world. While the dollar value of the majority of manufacturing engagements in Free’s manufacturing platform involve casting, molding and fabrication the site’s business does have a relatively small dollar value level of activity related to electronics manufacturing / EMS. No one can deny Free is a visionary leader.

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