Blog Has Released a Survey Report on President Trump and U.S. Manufacturing

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How Will President Trump's Policies Affect U.S. Manufacturing? (Published Jan. 17, 2017) wanted to find out how President Trump's policies might affect U.S. manufacturing. So we surveyed over 45,000 U.S.manufacturing professionals from our global manufacturing marketplace to see what they thought.

We asked questions about NAFTA, the TPP, China, Mexico, immigration, tariffs, currency manipulation and more. In our free report, exclusively available here, you'll get a wealth of insights from the manufacturing industry.

  • Find out whether the United States should renegotiate or completely withdraw from NAFTA.
  • Get the inside scoop on what effect our marketplace thinks tariffs on Chinese and Mexican imports will have on U.S. manufacturing.
  • See which is more important to U.S. businesses: low-cost goods & industrial inputs or keeping manufacturing jobs in the U.S

Report Commentary by Chris Mitchell, CMO of

Get these and many other fascinating insights in this exclusive report. >>

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