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Recently announced partnership with venerable trade show producer Messe Frankfurt USA. We are very

David Audrain & Tony Forcucci

excited about this agreement for a couple of reasons. Our interests dovetail really nicely in a lot of ways you can read here on the press release.

I love watching communities evolve. In general I am an early adopter of things. I was a Linked IN user in 2003, a Twitter user in 2007, and I have adopted Foursquare, Hashable and am starting to dabble in Quora. Each one is an evolution in community interaction. The manufacturing ecosystem on Twitter grows daily and I love that was at the vanguard of its creation.

In 2007 CNN (Really Business 2.0) named one of the new disruptors and a company that would change the world. In addition to completely upending the traditional strategic sourcing process, almost completely obviating the need for direct materials benchmarking, and shrinking the sourcing time-line by an amazing degree, also put pressure on the trade show business by fostering global communication in a new way.

What I have learned is that just because you communicate in a new way, the traditional way still has a lot of value. That's what makes Messe Frankfurt a great partner for They understand that a majority of the year people need to communicate and the technology makes that communication really efficient. We recognize that looking someone in the eye and shaking their hand will always be important and Messe Frankfurt shows like Apparel Sourcing, Home Textile Sourcing, TEXWORLD USA, and Texprocess are great places to shake those hands and look in those eyes.

The way industries communicate change over time.  We are very excited to be at the beginning of this evolution in the textiles industry.


David Landsman

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