Manufacturing Forecast - Growth Expected in 2013

Submitted on released the latest MFGWatch 2013 manufacturing forecast today based on a survey of 8,840 sourcing professionals in North America.  The themes that emerged from the survey paint a picture of optimism and growth with a measured approach.

A few of the most notable themes are:

  • Product companies and OEMs are cautiously optimistic about 2013.  Perhaps because they fared a little better in 2012 than they had expected when the survey was conducted this time last year.
  • Companies continue to increase the number of suppliers in their supply chain, consistent with the trend of product companies moving towards becoming brand owners and shedding captive manufacturing capacity.  Additionally, they are taking advantage of web-based tools like (factory in the cloud) and the digitalization in manufacturing, which makes it easy to discover and do business with suppliers that are uniquely prepared at the right moment in time.  Expanding supply chains has been particularly burdensome in the past, but this is becoming more a thing of the past.

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