Manufacturing Factory in the Clouds

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Fewer and fewer product companies or brand owners operate actual production facilities themselves. Product companies are beginning to focus on what they do best: design, innovation, marketing and distribution. They outsource the manufacturing to the companies who are experts at producing that type of product with efficiency and skill.

The benefits of outsourcing manufacturing are endless, but a few of the most noted benefits are:


  • No capital investment in facilities, equipment or personnel
  • Flexibility to increase and decrease production as demand dictates, at a minimal cost
  • Ability to focus on core business operations
  • Risk mitigation by distributing manufacturing among multiple suppliers
  • Cost advantages of manufacturing near the customer

The digitalization of manufacturing, including CAD, CAM, CNC, has continually made it easier to convey detailed designs and ensure the product will be manufactured exactly as intended. For example, a photographer can take a picture and send a high resolution image in an email that can then be printed with the same amount of detail and clarity as originated from the camera. The same precision and repeatability has matured in manufacturing, particularly in CNC machining that uses 3D CAD models.

Think of as your global factory in the cloud that provides you with unlimited manufacturing capacity with zero capital investment.

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