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Just as any great business, at we love our customers.  We realize that our customers are the sole reason we exist and it warms our heart to hear all the stories from our customers telling us the impact we have had on their business and their lives. 

A couple days ago we received an email from Bill Spargo (Spargo Machine Products) and he attached a picture of a map in his office and on the map he has noted the location of the customers has has secured via leads from

Bill and his shop are not only great at making high precision complex parts, he is also a good business man.  He understands the importance of marketing and lead generation to a job shop and that his future customers are using online tools for supplier identification.  He wants to be there when they are looking for him. puts Spargo front and center in the channels that sourcing professionals use when they are looking for a shop with his capabilities.  Channels such as search engines, powered supplier discovery tools, syndication to industry portals, behind the firewall in companies using's LiveSource product ( members are the embedded supplier discovery tool in LiveSource) and very hot RFQs leads from buyers that have an immediate need to have parts produced. is the only company that can Spargo in all these channels.

Bill and I share a common passion, we love exceeding the expectation of our customers.

Also, here is a link to video we filmed at Spargo Machine Products a few months ago.

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