LiveSource is Going to Make Waves... and it should because the industry needs some freshness

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A few years after I founded it became apparent to me that we would need to develop a solution that offered our sourcing users a migration path to increased sophistication as their needs and adoption of cloud based sourcing evolved.  And I knew they would want their sourcing history to stay with them and for sure they would not want to lose the connection to the global marketplace of suppliers. I began to notice company's having multiple users of sourcing from different offices all around the world and their desire to work as teams to share best practices, leverage their collective intelligence and bring their enginnering team and sourcing teams closer together.  LiveSource was born.  Here is a link to the press release.

While the brand LiveSource is new for, as is the concept, the advanced functionality and user interface, it is actually based on our proven code base and data model that has been in production and battle tested since 2000.

Hundreds of thousands of sourcing professionals, engineers and product owners around the globe have used our platform to source everything from simple one offs to the most complex projects in every industry.  We listened to them intently, asked  a lot  questions about their challenges and quizzed them on what they liked and disliked about other solutions on the market.  We wanted to build a system that was not another "me too", but something truly special. 

What I hope you will feel when you see LiveSource is that it is a tool built for sourcing professionals, designed by a global community of sourcing professionals.   We listened to your advice and we even took a the liberty to exceed what you as asked for.    LiveSource is NOT for everyone.   If you are a bank or any other non-product company you should consider a different solution.    This tool was built for companies that make something LiveSource is only for manufacturing. If you produce "things", LiveSource will be the obvoious choice for you.

Over the next several weeks and months you will hear a lot about LiveSource in the press and media.   There will be major announcements in which some of the world’s largest buying organizations will announce their adoption of LiveSource.   You will be hearing opinions from the analyst community who cover the Sourcing and Supply Chain space.  They will be making bold predictions about companies migrating away from generic watered down all purpose e-sourcing platforms to industry specific platforms just like LiveSource is for manufacturing.

Now we've got to run fast as everyone will be trying to catch up to us.


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