Indian Creek Fabricators - A Report From The Field

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I paid a visit recently to the main offices and plant of Indian Creek Fabricators in Tipp City, Ohio. ICF is has a unique position in the industry - not only is it a substantial fabrication operation (check out this Fab equipment list), but its machining facility is awfully impressive, as well. (For more, take this virtual tour of ICF.)

ICFThis combination of fab and machining expertise puts ICF in a niche that's hard to beat. It allows them to perform on many different levels, for many varied types of work, and provide unique services and expanded proucts for their existing customers.

I hate to use the term "one-stop shop," but it's just appropriate for ICF.

But another advantage ICF has from investing in and mastering such a broad array of processes is in marketing for new prospects. By adapting highly technical and difficult-to-manufacture parts and assemblies, ICF can engage new customers at any point in their product chain and work up (or down) from there.

That's heap strong medicine from Indian Creek. It's a proven strategy - and it can work for your business, too.

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