The Impact of Efficient Supply Chains [Infographic]

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Efficiently managing your Supply Chain is a crucial step in remaining competitive in an increasingly connected world. Staying ahead of the curve helps you control capital costs while also delivering your products to larger markets in the shortest times possible. Effectively managing your Supply Chain also improves product quality, adding value to both your company and your customers.

Every day, companies across the United States benefit from Supply Chains, both directly and indirectly. Whether you're a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, you likely have a Supply Chain of some sort. But how does any one Supply Chain "power U.S. Manufacturing?" The American economy? To answer those questions and more, The National Institute of Standards and Technology created an infographic examining the critical influence of Supply Chains on both U.S. Manufacturers and the U.S. economy:

Supply Chains [Infographic] by NIST MEP

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