Hitting the Supplier Jackpot

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As the chairman and founder of, one of the things I am the most proud of is that we have made it possible for buyers of custom manufactured parts to get great prices while simultaneously allowing suppliers to increase their profit margins. How is this possible? By connecting buyers of custom parts with the matched niche suppliers at the right moment in time.


Contract manufacturing companies and job shops have realized they can no longer compete as manufacturing generalists. They have carved out their own niche to be the best at producing a particular product or performing a particular manufacturing process. As such, when they find the type of work that fits their niche, others can’t compete. They are able to offer great prices and still maintain a healthy profit margin.

For example, say you need 100,000 plastic cases for a laptop computer injection molded. You send a request for quote (RFQ) to two injection molders. One plastic injection molder specializes in laptop computer cases and the other in plastic toys. The molder who specializes in laptop cases is able to offer you a better price, quicker lead-time and better quality because they understand what it takes to produce laptop cases. Sure, the other molder could do the job, but they will be figuring it out as they went, which would increase your price to allow for inefficiency and unknowns. It is easy to go with the specialist.  

For those who source custom parts, we connect you with the right supplier when you need them most. The right supplier has the expertise, credentials, capacity and proximity to meet your needs.  Trying to identify the right supplier by using a search engine or a directory is like spinning a roulette and hoping for the best.’s precision matching algorithm automatically matches your sourcing needs to the right suppliers and exponentially increases your odds of hitting the jackpot.

Suppliers with a defined niche have to cast a wider net to find the customers sourcing the parts they specialize in. This might mean expanding your reach beyond your local region and even beyond your country. The trade-off is that when you are the best in the world what you do, you can compete globally. Regardless if you want to find customers domestically or globally, provides those precision connections that allow you to stay in your niche and protect your profit pool.

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