Governing Dynamics in an Evolving Economy

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(ED: The reference to Governing Dynamics is from this clip in A Beautiful Mind. Unfortunately embedding is not available in our region. The clip above uses adult themed language. If you are offended by this type of language, please don’t view the clip. Special thanks to David Heller for helping me find the clip.)

The manufacturing community is a dynamic place and runs from the multi-billion dollar multi-national OEM to the two person shop cutting machine parts from dawn until dusk.

I have worked in this community for a decade and for a decade the manufacturing community has been under pressure. Sometimes that pressure is applied by poor labor and supply management practices, like the automotive industry. Sometimes the pressure is applied by a lack of labor because no one thinks it is cool to make things anymore. Sometimes, really often, the pressure is applied by a failure to communicate within the community. Thankfully, those days will soon be behind us.

The above clip talks about Adam Smith being incomplete and the prime beneficial result coming from doing what's best for the individual, and the group. It was the beginning of a theory that won John Nash a Nobel Prize and has been extrapolated into modern Game Theory.

I am not a game theorist or a Nobel Prize winning economist, but I understand the concept of doing something good for the individual company and the community of companies that make up the manufacturing world.

You are going to start seeing announcements in this space and many others about's technology empowering manufacturing communities small and large. We are going to talk about helping them grow individually and allowing them to interact with one another across the country and the globe. This will be a year of manufacturing community empowerment and is taking the lead. If you have a community of manufacturers that needs to communicate better. Reach out to us, we can help.

David Landsman

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