Free Webinar: "The Packaging Marketplace - Where YOUR customers are heading"

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As many of you know, we recently launched a Packaging Marketplace...for those of you who don't - where have you been?! Just kidding!

If you missed our Press Release - check it out here.  For another interesting read, visit our Sourcing blog where you will find an interview with JoAnn Hines, CEO at and founder of Packaging University, about the launch of this new packaging marketplace. JoAnn is an expert witness, provocateur and well-known spokesperson on consumer product packaging, branding, merchandising, retail and patent infringement. Her insight is extremely valuable when it comes to all-things packaging!

Want to learn more about the Packaging Marketplace and what all of this hype is all about? Well...look no further! Next week, on Thursday October 6th, we are hosting a free webinar called "The Packaging Marketplace: Where your customers are heading". To register for this webinar - click here.

As you ALL know - Manufacturing is the world's largest industry. Just look around you! Everything is manufactured - and most everything that gets manufactured also gets packaged. The packaging marketplace was a natural progression for as we are laser focused on helping product companies connect and collaborate with qualified packaging suppliers. 87% of the Fortune 100 Manufacturing companies and hundreds of thousands of small & medium sized manufacturing businesses already use

For Suppliers, the packaging marketplace is the most powerful lead generation tool available, providing a steady stream of prospective customers through a variety of channels including:

  • RFQ's (HOT leads) intelligently matched to the type of work and customer profile you specify
  • Search Engine Optimization so you rank high in all major search engines for the search terms important to you
  • Syndication into Supplier Discovery Databases used by the world's leading companies
  • Syndication into Industry Portals and leading software applications

    We love packaging!

In this webinar, we will show you where the packaging manufacturing business is heading and give you real-life examples of how suppliers are using the

marketplace environment to gain new customers and grow their business. You will walk away from this webinar with all of the information you need to become a successful marketplace supplier!

This webinar will be hosted by JoAnn Hines or rather "The Packaging Diva". We will leave plenty of time at the end of the webinar to ask her any packaging related questions you may have!

We hope to "see" you there!  Register for free today.

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