The Faces of US Manufacturing

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I got an email from a friend yesterday, in response to an earlier MOJO post lamenting the lack of small- and medium-sized manufacturers on YouTube. Of course, there aren't many using the Web very effectively, either - but I digress.

The email contained a link to Okuma's YouTube Channel and videos from SMMs that entered their Real Help Giveaway Contest. My friend's intention was to say that manufacturers - when properly motivated (in this case, with the prospect of winning a new machining or turning center) - would absolutely flock to the Web.

So there was my next Blog post - dropped right in my lap. I had the whole thing laid out in my head - if manufacturers realized the value a comprehensive Web presence can bring their businesses, they'd be all over it. I even had a title: "If I Paid You, Would You Build A Web Site?"

And then I watched these videos, and the whole idea went out the window.

I found myself face-to-face with the people that have built whole countries and industries. These are the backbone of our economy. They are smart, talented, salt-of-the-earth, "sure I'll have another beer with you" folks that work hard, and understand the natural world in ways bankers and bean counters can't. Because they breathe it. They're fighters. And they're survivors.

So, my chiding and prodding of SMMs to embrace the Web will have to wait.

Instead, just watch these videos. Some are slick. Some are sorta bad. Some (like the one below) are funny. And they all show the faces of what manufacturing is to our economy, our nation and manufacturing around the world - good folks.

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